Counting The Years In Baseball Uniforms

This spring I realized that the march of time is no longer abstract. It’s not measured in books I’ve read or places I’ve seen. Not a long mental list of experiences to collect. My future isn’t a fuzzy hopeful cloud. It now surrounds me each day. Having children has made the march of time palpable […]

Let Them Eat Candy!

      Ahhh…it’s fall. Leaves are crunchy. Rain is tapping on my roof and apple crisp is baking in my oven. As a human being with a pulse, I notice the onslaught of pumpkin themed products. As a mother, I notice the annual barrage of articles about how to give away your kid’s Halloween […]

Your Own Personal Roller Derby

A friend of mine has discovered roller derby. I should clarify because when I say “friend”, I mean “Facebook friend”. Which, as most of you know, means that this girl and I were acquaintances in another life (high school) and I would barely recognize her if we stood next to each other in line at […]

Oh, Brother!

I went out to dinner several years ago with two adult brothers. We were reminiscing about childhood and I remember them telling a story that shocked me. They talked about their famous rock fight. They mentioned in passing that they both put on goggles as they began a gigantic fight that involved standing at opposite […]

Right from the Start

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Running After Ale

I'm constantly running after my toddler Ale (Á-le). I'm out of breath and having the best time!