What Love Really Looks Like: A Man and a Woman on a Wednesday Night

When you are young and you begin a life with someone, you have absolutely no idea what you are really doing. I remember people with wrinkles and gray hair talk about “love” and “commitment” and “lifetimes” at my wedding but to me it was mostly a low buzz compared to the joyous shouting my young […]

His Own Path: A Story of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Tears, “Free to Be You and Me” & West Point

My mother is an odd mix of proud, lippy liberal and sweet, non-confrontational Catholic girl from North Dakota. She spent years telling us to be kind, listen to our elders, say please and thank you and not step on others’ toes. She worked up to a swear word the way a pitcher winds up for a […]

A Quiet Lesson

If youth is arrogant, then I had swagger to beat the band. I was one of those creatures unique to the mid-1990s. I was a one-woman PC army! A liberal arts major, vegan feminist, and I honest-to-God knew it all. I was full of truth, armored for an everyday war on the banal, selfish, ignorant […]

How Much Love

Family traditions provide comfort for many of us. They travel through the years to calm us and evoke memories. One of my favorite family traditions is one that I shared with my grandmother. She was a loving but imposing woman. I think everyone who knew her was at least intimidated by – if not scared […]

Right from the Start

Play, Early Education and more...


Living the writer's life in Seattle

Running After Ale

I'm constantly running after my toddler Ale (Á-le). I'm out of breath and having the best time!