Let Them Eat Candy!

      Ahhh…it’s fall. Leaves are crunchy. Rain is tapping on my roof and apple crisp is baking in my oven. As a human being with a pulse, I notice the onslaught of pumpkin themed products. As a mother, I notice the annual barrage of articles about how to give away your kid’s Halloween […]


I heard Emmett yelling for me in the middle of the night last night. He called and asked me to snuggle him. He’s 8 now and rarely wakes up during the night. It’s rarer still for him to ask me to snuggle him. I thought he just wanted to cuddle because he couldn’t sleep. I […]

How Much Love

Family traditions provide comfort for many of us. They travel through the years to calm us and evoke memories. One of my favorite family traditions is one that I shared with my grandmother. She was a loving but imposing woman. I think everyone who knew her was at least intimidated by – if not scared […]

Right from the Start

Play, Early Education and more...


Living the writer's life in Seattle

Running After Ale

I'm constantly running after my toddler Ale (Á-le). I'm out of breath and having the best time!