An Empty Bladder and a Full Tank of Gas

Being a good parent sometimes requires a bit of trickery. I’m not just talking about Santa or the Tooth Fairy. I’m talking about strategizing. I have learned that scheming is a helpful skill to add to my bag of tricks. Sometimes, you need to outsmart these little whippersnappers by any means necessary. This past week, […]

Hey Seattle! I’m Still Cool, Right?

 Oh my God, was I in love with the show My So-Called Life! I loved everything about it. I loved the angst and the smart-girl lead character. I loved her bright red hair and Jordan Catalano, her gorgeous, mysterious kind-of-boyfriend-kind-of-not. And, of course, I loved all of the talking. Oh, the talking! I think what I liked […]

His Own Path: A Story of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Tears, “Free to Be You and Me” & West Point

My mother is an odd mix of proud, lippy liberal and sweet, non-confrontational Catholic girl from North Dakota. She spent years telling us to be kind, listen to our elders, say please and thank you and not step on others’ toes. She worked up to a swear word the way a pitcher winds up for a […]

To Veronique

Life is a busy, flowing stream. Things come up and they seem so very important. We promise ourselves to follow up or to follow through on things and then the river of time takes its course and those promises fade away. Oh right … we think. I meant to do that, didn’t I? Something has been gnawing at me, though. […]


I heard Emmett yelling for me in the middle of the night last night. He called and asked me to snuggle him. He’s 8 now and rarely wakes up during the night. It’s rarer still for him to ask me to snuggle him. I thought he just wanted to cuddle because he couldn’t sleep. I […]

Right from the Start

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Living the writer's life in Seattle

Running After Ale

I'm constantly running after my toddler Ale (Á-le). I'm out of breath and having the best time!